Content Note: BSDM / DubCon Erotic Scene

It had gotten late, and when the party had died down, Jane was too drunk to go home by herself. She knew Henry through a mutual friend, and he seemed nice enough. “I’ll just crash on his couch,” she thought.

When she woke…

I live in Brooklyn. After work I walk through rainy streets, or along the river. I see men and women in denim jeans and canvas jackets, sipping from plastic cups of frothy caffeine, or downing a neon bottle of dark, saccharine pop. We have the best water in the country…

I’ve been writing erotic fiction since I was a teenager, but until now, it has been a private process for my own excitement and enjoyment. It’s a new decade, however, and I decided to challenge myself and begin publishing my work and putting my name out there.

Setting out in…

Maya Chase

Author, Brooklyner, and a loving student of literature. My books:

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